Stories From the Stars

19 January 2018by Stella Mars0

The vault of the heavens is an awe-inspiring lace-work of stars. The starry sky, however, is more than just beautiful, it also carries wisdom contained within stories. These stories were placed onto the stars over thousands of years by our ancestors who slowly linked their risings and appearances to human spiritual beliefs and earthly struggles and joys. Amongst the vast array of stories held in the sky, a handful affect you personally.

Stories from the Stars gives you information that allows you to understand these stars in your life, your actions, your choices and your attitudes. For by understanding the role of your stars, you can begin to work with them to encourage their best expression.Think of this as walking with your stars, an endeavour that helps you to connect with the living cosmos and gain a deeper understanding of your life.

This report explores these stories. It contains three sections – the stars that add to your character, the stars that shape your vocation, and the star stories in which you live. Although written as separate chapters, they are interlinked, all of them considering different facets of how the stars engage with you.

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